About Us

Scrub Brush Art Co. is a handful of creatives who want to provide professional and amateur artists with sensible products that allow them to create and also hang their works easily and with no extra effort. We enjoy it so much that we have thought long and hard about how we could encourage more people to paint. So, the Scrubbers in the Design Department have crafted a few handmade items to help you along your artistic journey.

Where possible, Scrub Brush Art uses sustainably sourced, recycled and high-quality leftover materials.

  • Ingrid (Santa Cruz, CA)

    Untitled, 2024

  • Maria (Oakland, CA)

    Rainbow World, 2023

  • Lorne (Chicago, IL)

    Blue Maiden & Pink Curtain, 2024

  • Christian (Los Angeles, CA)

    Pommard, 2024

  • Tati (Paris, FR)

    Déjeuner avec Jack, 2024